1.Break a leg.【頑張ってね!】

Hey, I heard your audition is today. Break a leg!



2.Call it a day【終わりにする】

I can see that there is no progress, so let’s call it a day everyone.



3.Cutting corners【時間や経費削減のために質を落とす】

I know that this cake shop is cutting corners by using artificial sweeteners.



4.Get out of hand【手に負えない】

This nanny job is not for me. All the children are totally getting out of hand.



5.Get something out of your system【やりたかったことを片付ける】

Still not over him!? Come on, you really need to get him out of your system so that you can move on!



6.Get your act together【もっと効率的にこなせるようにする】

She is not a bad person. I just wish that she would get her act together.



7.Give someone the benefit of the doubt【まずは信じてみることにする】

I give you the benefit of the doubt. But if you ever hurt her, I won’t forgive you.



8.Hang in there【諦めないで】

Hang in there, it’s only a week left to finish your finals.



9.It’s not rocket science 【複雑なことではない】

I just asked you to put the washing in the machine. It’s not rocket science is it?



10.Let someone off the hook【(誰か)を責任・関わりから外す】

Let me off the hook, I don’t even know those people!



11.Make a long story short【簡潔に言うと】

To make a long story short, I quit my job.



12.Miss the boat【もう遅い・手遅れ】

A: Hey, are you still looking for a company for the party?


B: You asking me out now? Sorry but you missed the boat!



13.No pain, no gain【努力なしに成功なし】

You think you can be successful like that? Remember, no pain, no gain.



14.So far so good【今のところ順調】

A: How’s your project coming along?


B: So far so good!



15.Speak of the devil【噂をすれば】

A: Arg! He was so harsh on me at the meeting. What is wrong with him!?


B: Oops, speak of the devil!



16.Last straw【決定打】

I guess it was an accumulation of everything. But his affair was the last straw.



17.To make matters worse / add insult to injury【さらに悪いことに】

To make matters worse, he took all the money when he left.


Pay cut after being robbed added insult to injury.



18.Put yourself in someone else’s shoes 【(誰か)の身になる】

If you think I was wrong, please tell me what you have done if you were in my shoes.



19.Be over the moon【ものすごく幸せな気持ち】

So he finally proposed me last weekend…I was over the moon.



20.Barking up the wrong tree【見当違いをする】

A: I am sure she did it. I mean, who else?


B: Well, I think you are barking up the wrong tree. She was at the different venue on that day.



21.Play it by ear【その時の流れで〜する】

A:  what time should we go to the exhibition?


B: Umm, let’s grab something first then play it by ear.



22.Turn a blind eye【見て見ぬ振りをする】

I knew he was bullying the classmate. But I was scared so turned a blind eye.



23.Ball is in your court【あなた次第】

Now ball is in your court. Take your time and choose what’s best for you.



24.Can’t judge a book by its cover【見た目で判断すべきでない】

A: You still don’t know which company to ask?


B: I know we can’t judge a book by its cover, but some of the websites seem so cheap!



25.Feel under the weather【体調が悪い】

A: Are you ok? You look pale.


B: Thank you, I’m just feeling a bit under the weather.


26.Not in a million years【(たとえどんなことがあろうとも)絶対にない】

Are you suggesting me to go out with him!? Not in a million years!



27.Cherry on top【いい状況をもっと良くすること】

And that I am promoted one day before going on holiday was just a pretty cherry on top!



28.Your guess is as good as mine【全くわかりません】

A: Where on earth is she now?


B: Your guess is as good as mine.



29.Tip of the iceberg【氷山の一角】

So the misplacement of the files was just the tip of the iceberg of the whole corruption.



30.From scratch【全く何もないところから・最初から】

We made homemade pizza from scratch yesterday!



31.Give someone a cold shoulder【(誰か)を無視する】

I literally had no clue but she gave me a cold shoulder at the office today.



32.Hang fire / Put something on ice【遅らせる・未決定のまま延ばす】

Please hang fire everything now.


I didn’t know that the project was put on ice.



33.Better than nothing【何もないよりはマシ】

I’ve got some sweets to give way. Thought it’s better than nothing.




Better late than never. 【遅れてでも行く方が行かないよりマシ】

A: I don’t see the point of me coming close to the end.


B: I would say better late than never.